Can't wait to frighten conference attendees at #PACnet16 -- except this time, you won't recognize the man with the mic.

Teenage Commando


Teenage Commando
Written, produced and performed by auGi | Premiered at the Fertile Ground 2012 festival

What happens when a “nurd” tries to be Rambo?

Growing up in a tiny Michigan town surrounded by endless cornfields isn’t exactly the life of an action hero. So what’s a 17 year-old “nurd” with a hyperactive imagination and a desire for adventure to do? In this comedic solo performance, auGi reveals how he and a group of oddball friends form a fantasy commando squad with consequences that become all too real.

Funny, humbling and action-packed, this true-life story proves that being yourself is all the adventure you need.


“Ever since seeing James Bond when I was ten years old, I wanted a life of adventure,” said auGi, writer/performer of Teenage Commando. “Growing up in a small farming town in Michigan, there wasn’t any. When I saw Rambo at 17, that pulled the trigger: the road to action was being Rambo.

Keep in mind, I was a nurdy teenager. I was heavily into the band, Rush, listened daily to the soundtrack recording of Star Wars, and had porn-director style glasses that covered 78% of my face. So, being Rambo was way out my reach. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop me from trying. As a result of this four-month long obsession, I came out on the other side with some very crucial wisdom:

When you try to be the wrong idol, dangerous things will happen.”

Big Glasses
Me in 1983 during the Rambo phase. You can’t see it, but I’m wearing a retainer.


“…laugh out-loud funny and genuinely touching.” -Willamette Week

“…an amazing performance.” -PDX Playwrights

“…truly hilarious.” -Portland Story Theater


Created, written, produced and performed by auGi

Additional story direction, editing, and construction from awesome collaborators CK Frye; Lynne & Lawrence from Portland Story Theater; and a handful of great people I had the opportunity to work with at the 2011 Singlehandedly festival. Thank you, all!