If you clean up your closet a little bit, you will find old clothes you don’t wear anymore! You can sell clothes for money online and make some extra cash! Here is how!

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Did you know that reselling your old clothes is one of the easiest ways to make extra cash fast? Yes, this is true and as a matter of fact, the clothing relate is currently a $16 billion worth industry.

The best part is that there are so many ways to sell clothes for money. In the past, sellers who wanted to sell clothes online had two choices – list the clothes online on eBay together with 20.000 other similar items or take your stuff to the closest consignment store. So why not start cleaning up your closes a little bit and find all those old pieces of clothes you don’t wear anymore. For more information on how to easily administrate your products, keep a record of your inventory and add new photos. 

Today, you have several websites and apps to choose from and in this article, we are going to present you the most efficient ways to sell clothes for money and make extra cash online. Let’s start.

1. For sellers who want everything taken care of

If you want everything to be set up for you, Twice is the perfect platform for you. With this tool, all you have to do is list your old and unwanted clothing and accessories. They will provide you with a label and a shipping bag and will make you an offer after they receive your items. Usually, items sell from 70-90% off the retail price. While most of the retail websites are dedicated to women’s clothing and accessories, Twice also has a men’s section where you can find popular brands like Brooks Brothers and Ralph Lauren. Currently, more than one million people use the website.

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2. For social shoppers

We have the perfect app for you! Poshmark is a great app which looks like Instagram. It allows you to buy and sell clothing just like you would sell and buy on eBay. This is a very popular app, it has an extensive community of sellers and buyers who follow each other, star their favorite items and comment on photos. Poshmark has more than 800.000 sellers and more than 1 million shoppers.

3. For busy parents

If you are a busy mom but you still want to sell clothes for money online, we have the perfect tool for you. ThredUP is for kids’ clothes but they recently expanded their service and now they include women’s clothing and accessories as well. There are more than 2 million users on the site (usually busy moms) who can’t keep up with how fast their children are outgrown their clothes and don’t have much time to place listings on websites such as eBay, don’t have time to take photos, and etc.

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4. For label lovers

If you are a fashion fanatic, here is one website for you – SnobSwap. Here you can find clothing and accessories from brands such as Tory Burch, Chanel, Coach, Christian Louboutin, and etc. Also, you can find a Hermes Birkin bag. This is the perfect website for professional women between ages 20 and 45 with good taste and appreciates a good deal.

5. For stylish guys

Even though most clothing resale options meet women’s needs, here is a new website on the market, specially designed for men. Most of the clothing for sale is casual and includes t-shirts, hoodies, sneakers, and etc. However, this doesn’t mean it is cheap or low-quality. You can find some really popular brands here such as Allan Edmonds, Alexander Wang, and others.

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Regardless of how you choose to do it - one thing is clear - reselling your old clothes is a great way to make money. So, is there something in your closet you want to cash in?